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I feel pretty! Facebook releases broad test of new status actions | VentureBeat

“If you’re seeing a new way to share status messages that include pre-thought-out actions such as “feeling,” “eating,” and “watching,” Facebook is doing a broad test of these actions”.

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Facebook’s biggest change yet: Actions are here | VentureBeat

“A slew of new partners are using Actions, the Facebook feature that will let developers make just about any verb a semantically cross-indexed link.


Facebook-linked apps you use might show other lists — for example, clothes you’ve worn, products you want, books you’ve read, movies you’ve reviewed — anything you’ve talked about on the network or on Facebook-connected sites around the web.

Discover what your friends are listening to/planning/collecting/discussing/thinking…all your stories will be told, not through a universe of apps, but universally on Facebook and with a structured context.

Actions are kind of the Holy Grail of semantic data, defining relation types between people, objects, content, places, businesses, and so much more. If users warm to the idea of Actions, it might also be one of the most valuable and lucrative move Facebook will ever make.


Digital Transformation

Presented at University of Tallinn, Estonia (the home of Skype)

Consumers have changed and so has Marketing. The pace of change is accelerating, putting more pressure on organizations to embrace this new Digital Reality and transform the way they market.
Nokia has been at the forefront of this change by leveraging Digital Media and new ways of Marketing to engage Consumers in meaningful ways.

Transforming Nokia’s Marketing Organization successfully, requires a comprehensive program utilizing all relevant levers to drive this change. This presentation will give you insights around the latest (digital) marketing trends and the successful approach Nokia has taken to adopt to this new Digital Reality.

Digital Optimization Insights

Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey

Across organizations worldwide, marketing momentum and budget is shifting to digital channels — particularly mobile and social media — making testing and optimization essential components of any successful online marketing initiative.

The Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey results have just been released, offering insights into optimization strategies and tactics for enhancing customer experiences from over 1700 leading digital marketers. This go-to guide for online marketing reveals how:

  • Social media has taken a valued role as a bona fide marketing channel
  • Agility is crucial to taking advantage and understanding new customer insights
  • Testing throughout the conversion funnel helps marketers identify the direct links to conversion behavior

budget for optimization

future optimization strategies

Digital Marketing Transformation at Nokia

iStrategy Conference in London

Digital Tomorrow is already here!

Socialnomics: Videos by Erik Qualman

1.4 GB of Insights

Free Research & Presentations on the A3 SkyDrive

High Tech Olympics

Technological Gamechangers @London 2012

“The [Olympic] efforts would leverage on technology to improve and inspire the event across three tiers:

  1. To improve the precision of measuring & reporting sporting results;
  2. To improve the way different sports are captured on film and broadcasted; and
  3. To improve the way the sport is accessed, consumed and shared globally.

Quantum Timers, Sensors & TwinCams

Electronic starting blocks were used to prevent the hazard of false-starts. This uber-cool solution integrated a highly complex system of timers, lasers and video recordings to ensure that while Bolt, Phelps and many others attempted to better their records by milliseconds, there were precise tools to measure their race against time [millionth of a second].

This year all [Taekwondo] athletes […] wore socks and clothing fitted with electronic sensors made by Daedo. When contact is made, the sensors registered the blow.

For all water-based sports, the Games was the first to ever use NHK’s Twinscam, a dual lens camera based system, where one is positioned above the water to complement the underwater images captured by the other lens.

Ultra HD broadcasts

The UK has gigantic 400 inch cinema screens placed for viewers to enjoy the replays of events in Super Hi-Vision, that offers a picture quality 16 times sharper than HD.

Emergence of the “Second Screen Viewing” phenomenon

86% of the global audience using at least one mobile device to complement their television experience, there were a lot of check-ins on GetGlue, a social media application that facilitates conversations between people while they are watching a particular TV show; lots of interactive chatter on applications such as ConnecTV and Shazam and terabytes of data analyzing viewing patterns and preferences that brands could leverage on for their digital campaigns.

Impact of smartphone penetration

The IOC has launched two official mobile apps – one called the Join In App to help a visitor/viewer to plan, enjoy and share the Games experience; the other called the Results App that provides all the latest news, schedules and results.

The Social Olympics [ADDITION]

The summer games have been deemed the “Social Olympics,” with the world’s largest brands investing 15% of marketing budgets on digital. The Pappas Group has visualized the impact of the Summer Games on branded social media in this Infographic:

Advertisers who won Gold [ADDITION II]

“With the ‘clean venues’ rules prohibiting advertising from the Olympic sites, it was even more useful for sponsors to reach people through channels such as Twitter and Facebook. ‘These were the first Twitter Olympics’.”

MediaCom Sports tracked Brands on Twitter: