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Big Data Sources

Information Revolution: Big Data Has Arrived at an Almost Unimaginable Scale | Wired.



Digital Transformation – Conference Videos

Advertising v3.0 – YouTube Channel

On a Panel on the ‘Visions of Leaders – Future of Marketing Services‘ with Adobe, IBM and AOL on DMEXCO 2013

Speaking at the IAA Business Lunch in London about Digital Trends, Nokia’s Marketing Transformation and Unstable Media.

My similar presentation at the ‘Digital Shoreditch 2013‘  conference in London, celebrating outstanding creativity.

Digital Shoreditch Interview – TechCityInsider Live & City University London

Participating in a panel about Societal Brands at Social Media Week in New York, taking a closer look at the evolving relationship of societal brands in our social world.


Chinwag Psych Interview: Antony Mayfield & Chris Schaumann “Design your Day” interview about Nokia‘s “Design your Day” eBook, focusing on ways to adjust your day to get the most out of it.


Group Session and Presentation with Collider12 and their StartUps, discussing about the death of industries, the rise of mobile, and speculation over just how much media will be digital in the future.

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Summary of ‘Digital Trends and Transformation’ Presentation at #RMIC14 in Iceland, 04/2014.

Photo UX

Chinwag Psych – Shut the F#$% Up and Listen

Craig Sullivan’s talk on practically applying psychological insights, customer feedback, behavioural and analytics data – to split testing hypothesis to increase ROI.

The presentation is full of resources and new insights & best practices on Photo UX.

More presentations form Chinwag’s Psych conference can be found here.

Science Behind Colors In Marketing

Why Is Facebook Blue? | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

After all, sight is the strongest developed sense one in most human beings. It’s only natural that 90% of an assessment for trying out a product is made by color alone. So how do colors really affect us, and what is the science of colors in marketing, really?

Color Emotion Guide

It’s fascinating that tweaking something as small as the color can completely change an outcome.

Try here, how good you are in identifying Corporate Shades?

Digital Transformation

Presented at University of Tallinn, Estonia (the home of Skype)

Consumers have changed and so has Marketing. The pace of change is accelerating, putting more pressure on organizations to embrace this new Digital Reality and transform the way they market.
Nokia has been at the forefront of this change by leveraging Digital Media and new ways of Marketing to engage Consumers in meaningful ways.

Transforming Nokia’s Marketing Organization successfully, requires a comprehensive program utilizing all relevant levers to drive this change. This presentation will give you insights around the latest (digital) marketing trends and the successful approach Nokia has taken to adopt to this new Digital Reality.

Future of Digital

Business Insider

Video Games History

1975-2011 – Chart Porn

Gaming History