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Branded Content (in Mobile)

By Chris Schaumann

Content is what we really want – Entertainment, Excitement and Education. On any screen, anytime.

The pace of change in the Advertising & Technology landscape is accelerating and new engagement techniques and formats evolve rapidly. Content and it’s fluidity should be curated to ensure it’s most wanted.

This presentation outlines my view on the latest technology trends and examples for a more digital content powered marketing paradigm.

2014 Internet Trends

Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

Mary Meeker, a partner at VC firm KPCB and one of the legendary observers of the Internet industry, is presenting her annual outlook on the industry.

It’s a Mobile 1st (emerging) World – Many Developing Nations Leapfrogged The Laptop/PC Era and went straight to using smartphones.

KPCB Internet trends 2014 - Time per Medium


Customer Experience lead Transformation

Altimeter: Technology Should Not Lead Digital Transformation

“A one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation doesn’t exist.

Altimeter interviewed 20 executives and social strategists at 14 companies about their experiences in adapting to the new digital customer experience.

CMOs are getting more budget than CIOs, digital marketing is becoming a big priority for companies, brands are increasingly upping their budgets for mobile, social, and automation.

The catalysts for digital transformation have been technology-driven, not customer-driven. That means many businesses are embarking on a digital transformation only to find themselves not aligned with their digital customers’ expectations. “If we focus on technology, we will miss the human factors disrupting and making changes,” Brian Solis said.

The Elements of Digital Darwinism1

  • Digital transformation should be driven by the expectations of digital customers
  • “The role of the CMO is more important and strategic to a company’s success than ever before.”
  • Many businesses are still operating in a funnel model

Digital Transformation graphic1

Study what their digital customers want and expect, so that decisions are based on data and insight. The top companies understand, through data, that the customer journey has changed, and they’re able to optimize for the new journey.


All companies going through this change have built out a “digital transformation team,” which is a cross-functional business unit—often called a center of excellence—that is dedicated to digital customer experience.


“Aside from this research, we have heard that when companies really get deep down into [the digital transformation], they learn the values and expectations of digital customers are different than those of their traditional customers,” Solis told “And I won’t sugar coat it: That’s when things get hard. Everyone said that this [digital transformation] is like a marathon. You’re asking people to see the world differently and to change. That induces fear and self-preservation.””

Full Report here.

More on Digital Transformation.

Power of Color

What Your Logo’s Color Says About Your Company – FastCompany

“Neuroscientist Bevil Conway, who has focused his recent research almost entirely on the neural machinery behind color, believes the science behind color processing to be very powerful and completely underexploited.


According to research complied by web design and marketing company WebPageFX, people make a subconscious judgment about a product in less than 90 seconds of viewing, and a majority of these people base that assessment on color alone. In fact, almost 85% of consumers cite color as the primary reason they buy a particular product, and 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition.”

3028378-inline-i-5-what-your-logos-color-may-say-about-your-company-infographicThe Effect of Color on Conversion Rate

  1. 85% of the shoppers say that color is the reason they make a purchase
  2. 66% of us wouldn’t buy an appliance if it is not in the color we want
  3. We recognize the colored adds in a magazine 26% more than the B&W ones


Digital ROMI

EIU: Manufacturing CMOs struggle with ROMI metrics

“Measuring the return on marketing investment ROMI seems a simple enough concept. Yet many chief marketing officers CMOs at manufacturing firms are still struggling to bridge the gap between what they measure and what P&L owners care about.
Business owners are rewarded based on revenue and profitability growth. The metrics that marketers track—leads generated, customer satisfaction, search engine referrals — are also related to revenue less often to profitability, but not always directly.


Perhaps this is one reason some CMOs have a higher opinion oftheir own performance than their C-suite counterparts.


44% of CMOs say their company can clearly demonstrate marketing’s contribution to the top line, but only 27% of other C-suite executives say the same.”

According to the “Marketing ROI in the Era of Big Data: The 2012 BRITE/NYAMA Marketing in Transition” Study:
“22% are using brand awareness as their sole measure to evaluate their marketing spend.

iab nyama

Recommendations: Above all, get started. Start with the basics of determining marketing ROI so you will  create the largest impact on your organization

  • Make sure you’re using some kind of metrics on most of your marketing.
  • Be ready to invest in getting some kind of data relevant to your measures.
  • Make coordinating your traditional and digital media campaigns a goal.
  • Set specific measurable objectives for all your campaigns.
  • Put ROI in stated objectives for all your vendors (so they know your expectations to retain them or to cut them loose).
  • Link marketing ROI to employee compensation, perhaps a bonus.
  • Start today… as the pay off and learning curve will likely take a few years.

Then, move on to ROI best practices:

  • Make sure your marketing metrics are accepted by finance.
  • Make sure your data is: timely, actionable, linked at the customer-level, used to personalize marketing and target customers.
  • Share your data across your organization.”

But watch out for under- or over-attribution of ROI to Digital, as this recent Nielsen study found out: “Google, Facebook Underestimated By Marketing-Mix Models in Survey Backed by Seven Top CPG Players.


  • Marketing-mix models underestimate ROI from Facebook ads by as much as 48% and from Google search ads by as much as 39%
  • Credit for about 25% of sales attributed to paid search should be shared with TV, print or other digital media
  • A prior ComScore study [found out] that clicks have little to do with offline sales of packaged-goods brands. Using impressions rather than clicks to measure digital campaigns was far more predictive of real-world results and increased the estimated ROI of Facebook advertising by as much as 75%
  • The problem wasn’t so much the models as the type and quality of data fed into them
  • Impression data worked much better when it included more detail about publisher, geographic market, device and demographics.”

Santa brand book

Santa brand book

“If you were in any doubt about Santa’s brand values, this brand book will put you straight. I believe every child from the age of 3 upwards should be given this to read and learn off by heart.

QR001_Guidelines_one (2)

“Santa is a Concept, not an idea. It’s an Emotion, not a feeling. It’s both Yesterday and Today. And it’s Tomorrow as well.” This is a stupidly awesome idea by the Quiet Room.”
The Belief Vortex – Competitive Analysis:
QR001_Guidelines_fourteen (2)
Body Language Guide – USG Unique Selling Gestures:
Merry Xmas!

New vs. Old

The Future of Digital: 2013 via Business Insider

new media vs old

Initial Round of Consolidation

Big Data Sources

Information Revolution: Big Data Has Arrived at an Almost Unimaginable Scale | Wired.


Digital Transformation – Conference Videos

Advertising v3.0 – YouTube Channel

On a Panel on the ‘Visions of Leaders – Future of Marketing Services‘ with Adobe, IBM and AOL on DMEXCO 2013

Speaking at the IAA Business Lunch in London about Digital Trends, Nokia’s Marketing Transformation and Unstable Media.

My similar presentation at the ‘Digital Shoreditch 2013‘  conference in London, celebrating outstanding creativity.

Digital Shoreditch Interview – TechCityInsider Live & City University London

Participating in a panel about Societal Brands at Social Media Week in New York, taking a closer look at the evolving relationship of societal brands in our social world.


Chinwag Psych Interview: Antony Mayfield & Chris Schaumann “Design your Day” interview about Nokia‘s “Design your Day” eBook, focusing on ways to adjust your day to get the most out of it.


Group Session and Presentation with Collider12 and their StartUps, discussing about the death of industries, the rise of mobile, and speculation over just how much media will be digital in the future.

c600x246 (510x209)


Summary of ‘Digital Trends and Transformation’ Presentation at #RMIC14 in Iceland, 04/2014.

Photo UX

Chinwag Psych – Shut the F#$% Up and Listen

Craig Sullivan’s talk on practically applying psychological insights, customer feedback, behavioural and analytics data – to split testing hypothesis to increase ROI.

The presentation is full of resources and new insights & best practices on Photo UX.

More presentations form Chinwag’s Psych conference can be found here.