The disparity between consumer media consumption habits and advertising spend offers smart marketers competitive advantages, if they assimilate fast.

Utilizing real-time consumer insights, latest technologies and new engagement techniques, while measuring authoritative positive buzz, participation and analyzing conversions they can truly engage in very targeted and meaningful ways delivering exceptional RoI.

Looking at the media landscape in the past decades it becomes evident, that advertising has evolved into an era before and after the rise of the Internet.
Hence, I would position the time before the internet as ‘Advertising 1.0’ and the time after as ‘2.0’. With the rise of the Web 3.0 online advertising has and needs to further evolve into a 3rd version or phase.

The emancipation of the consumers powered by global communication platforms (over 2b online users) and advances in software services as well as consumer electronics have given way to digital social networking, blogging/citizen journalism and prosumerism, where consumer are taking over control. Advertising needs to evolve…fast!

86% of consumers don’t believe what brands say about themselves (advertising), whereas 78% believe what others say about them. How can brands facilitate and encourage positive conversations among consumers? Easy! By producing great products people will enjoy and talk about! Unfortunately not all products are created equally (great).
Advertising sometimes has to work harder to encourage and spark these conversations, by not only attracting the right audience, at the right time, but by engaging them with value and exciting them.
This engagement has to be immersive, interactive (no more 1 message fits all and not advertising monologues, but dialogues) and participatory!

Join me in exploring these exciting times of another advertising paradigm shift

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