Display Effectiveness Trends

The Display Business Landscape – Luma

Web Ads Need to Get More Accurate – AllThingsD

“An ad on the Web may do a better job of reaching its audience than, say, a magazine ad. But that doesn’t mean it does a good job.

Here’s data from Nielsen: Overall, the campaign only hit the target 25 percent of the time.”

The End of Demographics | Mashable

“Marketers have built a temple that needs to be torn down. Demographics have defined the target consumer for more than half a century — poorly. Now, with emerging interest graphs from social networks, behavioral data from search outlets and lifecycle forecasting, we have much better ways of targeting potential customers.”

Digital: By the Numbers | PEW

The Incredible Click Rate of Nothing | AdAge

“The online-ad ecosystem is constantly adjusting itself to place messages where they will get clicks. This learning loop takes mere minutes in the automated model.
Our data suggest that about four clicks in every 10,000 impressions are unintentional.”

While a “Start-up says 80% of its Facebook ad clicks came from bots.”

Even in Mobile: a “Big proportion of mobile-ad clicks are worthless, study says. 40% of all mobile clicks are either accidents or fraud.
Worthless clicks aside, Mary Meeker, noted that the average CPM for Internet ads, at $3.50, is five times higher than the average CPM for mobile ads — 75 cents.”

Overall Branding Impact for Online Display Ads | Millard&Brown

This paper from DoubleClick and Dynamic Logic reveals how to make the smartest format choices and creative decisions.
Looking at data for the three years from January 2008 to December 2010, we see that online display advertising succeeds in building brands.”

Economics of Online Advertising | ComScore

“This paper helps to advance this industry-wide conversation by using core economic principles of supply and demand to demonstrate how a viewable impression currency will provide a win-win scenario for the buy- and sell-side players in the advertising ecosystem.

A validated impression currency corrects a distorted market system.”

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