The Master Of Media

Six Pixels of Separation – Marketing and Communications Blog

“Clay Shirky author of Here Comes Everybody and Cognitive Surplus talks about how transformative the Internet has been to our media landscape.

Beyond the power of his thinking, pay close attention to his presentation skills. In particular, the language he uses, the stories he tells and how he breakdowns complex concepts by illustrating them through fascinating and digestible examples.”

Cooperation without the Coordination

  • “More Media always means more Arguing.”

Some Natural Philosophers around 1665 created the Scientific Journal for needed Trust (>Peer Review) and as a way to syncronize ideas fast for the way of better argument.
Today’s Open Source Movement are today’s Natural Philosophers.

  • “This Cooperation without the Coordination – this is the big Change.”

The Founder of Linux has created GitHub.

  • “It lives up to the philosophical promise of Open Source!”
  • “Transparency is one-directional.”
  • “A momentous thing that can happen to a culture, is they can acquire a new style of agruing: Trial by Jury > Voting > Peer Review > Advanced system for Version Control.”
    – Clay Shirky
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