Online Video Upfronts

Surviving the Upfronts in a Cross-Media World – comScore, Inc

TV advertising landscape as we know it is changing, driven by the migration of consumer viewing habits to digital platforms. Digital upfronts, commonly referred to as the “Newfronts,” are creating a splash as they try to make the case for online video in bringing ad dollars online.

Year Over Year Change in Engagement Levels With Online Video Content:


But despite the high reach and growing engagement for online video, there is a surprisingly large disparity in the number of ads running within the format when compared to TV.

Content and Ad Composition Across Media Types:


Long Term Trend for Annual Online Video Ad Spend vs. Videos Viewed:

Quantitative approach to analyzing the conventional wisdom around digital video advertising to separate myth from reality:

  • Video Ads are effective whether they appear online or in TV programming
  • Digital’s unique ability to reach target audiences online, whether behaviorally or demographically targeted.
  • 20% of a major TV network’s digital audience is now viewing content exclusively on the web
  • Edit TV Ads down to 15 seconds

Digital is more effective in changing brand preferences among Millennials.
Average Lift in Share of Choice Following Exposure to TV  & Digital Ads

An Actionable Guide (PDF) for Success.”

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