The Visual Web

Rise of Beautiful Apps

“A noticeable trend this year is beautiful apps or websites. It’s all part of a larger trend that I’m calling The Visual Web, meaning that images and video are becoming an increasingly important part of what we consume online. Pinterest is the best example of that larger trend.

It’s an increasingly Visual Web and great design is a key part of getting attention nowadays.

Being beautiful is just part of the equation, of course. Johnny Depp may be an incredibly handsome man, but it was his intelligence, quirkiness and charm that made him a superstar. So the likes of and 500px will need to do a lot more than just look pretty. They need network effects, which means there must be a compelling reason for people to come back and use these services every day.

Being beautiful isn’t that reason, although it doesn’t harm their prospects for success.”


10 Beautiful Apps & Websites To Drool Over and more HTML5 site here

Amazing Adaptive/Fluid Design Example

and here
The case for the end of the Apps:

Facebook App Center takes on Apple and Google with HTML5 and web apps

“Facebook has revealed that its HTML5 site has twice as many users (120 million visits a month) as its iOS and Android apps combined. It’s App Center will be a HTML5 app store.”

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