Rise of Digital Influence

The Pillars of Influence & How to Activate Cause and Effect – Brian Solis & Altimeter Group

Influence is not popularity and popularity is not influence. It’s so much more than that. Vendors claim to track influence when in fact, they track elements of online social capital based on proprietary algorithms of how people engage and connect in various social networks.

The elements that contribute to contextualized social capital (focus, authority, the nature of relevant relationships, etc.) and how their online activity potentially reaches and affects others.

Scores do not matter as much as the context of relationships

It is up to those who run influence marketing programs to define the “R” or return in ROI to track the true measure of influence, outcomes.

Influence Action Plan:

  1. Define the parameters of the program and what success looks like
  2. Assesss vendors based on your goals and identify influencers that will help you achieve desired results
  3. Design a program that provides value to not only influencers, but also those connected to them
  4. Measure performance and optimize strategies and experiences from program to program
  5. Repeat
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