Digital Transformation

Geoffrey Moore on Business Network Transforms at 2012 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

The ecosystem is in the process of transformation. What has changed are the mechanisms and the media by which advertising engages in the exchange with human beings.

  • Media is dis-aggregating and expanding.
  • Content is hyper-inflating with crowds & in clouds challenging the signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Social is re-aggregating [the content] with new (unknown) rules of engagement.
  • ‘Anchors of Execution’ are transforming: Time & space concept of media buying are dissolving – replaced by presence & profile 

These shifts are disrupting the status quo, causing the re-engineering of processes and a redistribution of power. The new power will be in Content, Creative, and Analytics. To survive, you have to act ahead of the data.

Marketing Week Q&A with industry leaders and myself via IDM (page 4)

  • Invest in marketing skills and capability development to stay competitive.
  • Change management and change agents are crucial.
  • Learning by doing”. It’s all about engagement.

Soon more at the:

    IDM Marketing Capability Council where I’m contributing

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