UX – Experiences & Engagements count

Why User Experience Is Critical To Customer Relationships | Fast Company

Rather than examine the role new technologies and platforms can play in improving customer relationships and experiences, many businesses invest in “attendance” strategies where a brand is present in both trendy and established channels, but not defining meaningful experiences or outcomes. Simply stated, businesses are underestimating the significance of customer experiences.

User ExperienceAs smart and connected technology matures beyond a luxury into everyday commodities, consumer expectations only inflate. As a result, functionality, connectedness, and experiences emerge as the lures for attention.

User experience (UX) is now becoming a critical point in customer engagement in order to compete for attention now and in the future. For without thoughtful UX, consumers meander without direction, reward, or utility. And their attention, and ultimately loyalty, follows.

Businesses are designing for the sake of designing, without regard for how someone feels, thinks, or acts as a result.

UX is an art and science. Why risk it when you can design for it? The primary function of UX is the development of an architecture that creates a delightful, emotional, and sensory experience. Often, creative strategies are driven by a clever idea and not necessarily an idea supported by an engaging design or experience.

Now, the medium is not only the message, the medium is the experience. The medium becomes an enabler to the journey and the end as devised. 


Hand per Device (HpD)‘ – an alternative approach to optimizing web content delivery & interaction for multiple platforms

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