Augmented Humanity

Future of Search: Google sees…

We are never lonely, never forget anything, never get lost, never run out of ideas, are never bored and never need to drive a car because it will drive itself.

Computers will be able to suggest useful information based on past preferences, the location of the user and the time of day.

We are at one of those points in technology where something interesting is about to happen. We’re building an augmented version of humanity – getting computers to help us do the things we are not very good at and have humans helping computers do the things they’re not very good at. – Eric Schmidt


Everyone lives a happier life. Central to this is information.

Making the information relevant is what counts.

We can suggest where you go next, who to meet, what to read…

Human control of vehicles is a “bug in the system”.

Mobile will be the majority of revenue.

  1. Google had dominated the search engine and it is never a good idea in democratic society for a government or even private entity to possess such power. I am concerned.

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