Google: 7 Predictions for the Future of Display Ads

Google Announces Seven Predictions for the Future of Display Ads –
Google might be late to the display advertising game, but it wants Madison Avenue to know that it will be ahead of the game in the future:

  1. Two new kinds of video ads for YouTube and predicted that half of display ads would include cost-per-view videos
  2. Half of the audience will be viewing ads in real-time –  “millions of possible permutations”
  3. Cellphone screens would be the No. 1 screen for viewing the Web by 2015 – people will be able to take a cellphone photo of a print automobile ad and see the car in 3-D, zoom in and visit the company’s Web site
  4. In addition to measuring engagement with rich media ads and video views, other examples of new forms of advertising measurement include “sentiment analysis” and geo-based metrics will allow marketers to measure the increase in foot traffic or to their stores
  5. Three quarters of all ads will be socially enabled
  6. Rich media ads will comprise 50% of all campaigns
  7. Display advertising will grow to be a $50 billion market
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