Digital Asia by the Numbers

Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2010 by ADMA

Digital marketing in Asia Pacific in 2010 offers an almost infinite
combination of ways to engage customers, participate in their
communities, sell them products and services, and build brands and
corporate reputations. Here’s a look at some of the
trends in Asia Pacific, and of course
there is much more detail in each of the country sections of this

  • Internet users in Asia Pacific spent more than 5.6 trillion minutes
    in 2009, and bought US$7 billion in virtual goods.
  • When it comes to making online purchases, Asians across the board
    listen closely to their friends
    . Nearly half (48%) of South Korean
    internet users said they had bought something in the past because it was
    either discussed or recommended by one of their online friends, as have
    38.2% of Malaysians, 40.4% of Japanese, 42.2% of Vietnamese, 48.4% of
    Indonesian’s and one third of Filipinos.
  • Mobile shopping is taking hold of the region, with nearly eight out
    of 10 Asian mobile users engaging in some form of mobile shopping
    activity in the past year.
  • The Koreans are the top shoppers, with 97% of internet users say
    they have shopped online.
  • Indians spent the least amount of time online of any Asian nation,
    at 11 hours per month.
  • 63% of Singaporeans online watch TV at the same time.
  • Japan leads the pack with mobile social media – more than 75% of
    social network users only access the sites via their mobiles.
  • The Filipinos lead the world in SMS, with two billion text messages
    sent every day.
  • Hong Kong people take the instant message crown, spending twice as
    much time IM’ing as anyone else in the region.
  • More than half the Asia Pacific region’s online population is
    Chinese, but they are the least prolific users of search in Asia
  • Australians spend more time on social networking sites than anyone
    else in the world (seven hours a month) and 27% of all Australians blog.

Online advertising spending has rebounded, following recovery from
the recession, and continues to grow. However, there is no consistent
pattern across the region. In 2009, Japan’s online ad revenue grew just
1.2% over 2008, but hit a milestone: more money was spent on online
media than on newspaper advertising for the first time. In China in
2009, 16.69% of all ad spend was online. Contrast this statistic with
the Philippines, where just 1% of total advertising expenditure is
online and SMS reigns supreme. For reference, Singapore‘s percentage of
online spending stands at approximately 6%.

pdf_iconΒ View the electronic version ofΒ ‘Asia 2010 Yearbook‘.

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