Seeking Machines

Macro-level video consumption trends

A number TubeMogul studies reveal insights into online video watching:

  • Average online video viewer spends less than a minute watching any given clip.
  • Ten seconds into a video clip a little over 10% of viewers have abandoned it, rising to over half at 60 seconds or more.

  • Audiences are unforgiving: when encountering slow load times, 81% of viewers choose to click away instead of waiting for a video to rebuffer.
  • 16% of viewers click away from a video rather than sit through a pre-roll ad.The trend is far more pronounced with top magazines and newspapers, where 25% of viewers click away. For large broadcasters, only 11% of viewers click away during an ad.
  • On average, audiences clicking on video links from Twitter watch a video 37% longer than viewers referred by Facebook and 50% longer than viewers referred by Digg.
  • People discover videos online mostly on Blogs and direct navigation to video sites. Google is the top individual site referring video views; also: social networks refer more views than video search engines.
  • Video viewership peaks early in a video’s life-cycle.

When we get thrilled about the world of ideas, about making intellectual connections, about divining meaning, it is the seeking circuits that are firing. Nature imbued us with an unquenchable drive to discover, to explore. More!

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