Global Benchmark Report

Eyeblaster – Global Benchmark Report

Eyeblaster just released the 2009 Global Benchmarks Insights and Analysis report. Some of the findings are:


  • Results were surprising—while the CTR performance of Standard Banners tends to improve as unit size increases, in Rich Media, size is a poor predictor of performance. In Rich Media, size is only one component of banner visibility on the site.
  • The analysis indicates that better predictors of performance in Rich Media are creative features such as video, ad format, flash features and expansions. Therefore, to improve performance, advertisers should focus on enhancing ads with video and other features, rather than increasing unit size.

  • A study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found that larger ad units are 25% more effective in lifting key brand metrics such as brand awareness and message association, even after one exposure. The research also shows that additional exposures significantly increased persuasion metrics such as purchase intent.

pdf_icon View the electronic version of ‘Global Benchmark Report 2009‘.


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