9 Tools to measure your Twitter Influence & Reach

Daily SEO blog

If you’ve been wondering how effectively have you been communicating with your followers, here are nine great tools that will help you find out your reach, communication effectiveness, popularity and analyze your twitter usage statistics:

  1. Find out whom you Re-Tweet most / active hours etc: TweetStats
  2. Find out your Reader Outreach Power: Twitter Analyzer
  3. Find out which Tweet gained you followers and which made you lose them: Tweet Effect
  4. Find your Social Capital, Velocity and Centralization on Twitter: Reach, Velocity and Social Capital. Twinfluence
  5. Find out who’s the popular Twitter user in your country/ region: Twitter Grader
  6. Find out your average Twitter usage over a period of time: Tweet Rush
  7. Find out your Twitter Rank: Twitter Rank
  8. Find out how many people you reached via your tweets: Tweet Reach
  9. Find your influence, signal-noise ratio and velocity: Twitlyzer


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