Trends of Time and Attention in Online Advertising

Research – Eyeblaster

Eyeblaster used isolated data from a sample size of 42 billion rich media impressions spanning across all formats and global regions, analyzing Dwell Time, a metric that measures engagement as the average time consumers intentionally spend with online ads.

Recent years saw click thru rates (CTR) dropping from 5% to way below 0.4% (or 0.1% for standard banners). This has led some to conclude that ‘display advertising is dying’. On the other hand, data such as Comscore and OPA’s recent research showed that consumers exposed to display ads spend over 50% more time on an advertiser’s site the following month, viewing over 50% more pages than average visitors. This may lead to the conclusion that display advertising is more critical than ever. Human attention has become a scarce commodity.

The main findings in this research include the following:

  • Consumers are 25 times more likely to spend meaningful time on the ad than click it
  • When they do spend time, consumers spend close to a full minute of active engagement
  • Video increases Dwell Rate by 30% and Dwell Time by 200% (in the US) or 100% (globally)
  • Consumers react to ads differently depending on the time of day, week, or year
  • Home-page media offers one of the highest Dwell Rates, but lowest Dwell Time

pdf_icon View the electronic version of ‘Trends of Time and Attention in Online Advertising‘.


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