Online Opinions most trusted Advertising

Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey

Global – The most trusted forms of advertising globally are personal recommendations and online opinions, with text ads on mobile phones the least trusted, according to a new survey by Nielsen. The Global Online Consumer Survey found that nine in every 10 internet consumers trust recommendations from people they know, while seven in every 10 trust consumer opinions online.

Interestingly, the next most trusted form of advertising was brand websites (70%), followed by editorial content from media (69%), brand sponsorships (63%) and TV ads (61%). The least trusted forms of advertising globally were mobile text ads (24%), followed by online banner ads (33%), online video ads (37%) and ads served in search engine results (41%).

"The explosion in consumer generated media over the last couple of years means consumers’ reliance on word of mouth in the decision-making process, either from people they know or online consumers they don’t, has increased significantly," Rebecca Tan, executive director, media group, The Nielsen Company Singapore, said in a statement.

"However, we see that all forms of advertiser-led advertising, except ads in newspapers, have also experienced increases in levels of trust and it’s possible that the CGM revolution has forced advertisers to use a more realistic form of messaging that is grounded in the experience of consumers rather than the lofty ideals of the advertisers."


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