Image-Centric Advertisement Platform

Microsoft Research TechFest 2009 Virtual Event Room

In existing online-advertisement platforms, the relevance between advertisers and users is decided largely by advanced keyword matching. Typically, in a pay-per-click model, advertisers specify the words that should trigger their ads and the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click. When a user enters a search query, browses a Web page, or interacts with text, the advertisement platform will select and show relevant ads based on the text content in the query or the page. Though other context, such as location, time, and user profile, can be taken into consideration, text understanding remains the main technology.

We will present an image-centric advertisement platform in which advertisers bid on images instead of keywords. For example, a toy seller could bid on the image of a related movie poster, while a restaurant could bid on the image of a cooking-magazine cover. Users would receive ads based on the content of images they recently browsed or used. Components of this platform include an advertisement editorial tool and image-content-understanding, imagematching, and user-understanding.


pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Research Gallery Project Details‘.


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