Planner’s Digital Dilemma

The Planner’s Digital Dilemma – Online Research from Microsoft Atlas Institute

Existing media planning tools may help identify sites that have the highest concentration of a target audience, but digital publishers write contracts in terms of ad impressions. So brand marketers are left to guess if the plan that nets out to an $18 CPM is better or worse than the $9 CPM plan. This Digital Marketing Insight will bring traditional media planning to digital media.
Although targeting and frequency capping promise a bright future of less media waste, the vast majority of impressions delivered online are neither capped nor targeted.

The shape of the curve explains why doubling the impression size of a buy will not result in doubling the audience for that buy.
While the audience segment reach curves are not widely available today, planning tools that incorporate the reach curves will emerge within the coming year.

Example of a shorthand technique for calculating digital media plan audience metrics.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Planner’s Digital Dilemma’ report.


    • Unknown
    • July 14th, 2009

    Buying impressions to build reach is a model in its death throes. The future of digital planning is in attempting to achieve serial micro reach coupled with high frequency. This will be achieved in creating highly valued content tailored towards the needs of small clusters (better still, indvidualised) .. the frequency will be obtained through pass-on and/or repeat visits (to the valued content).

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