Social CRM

Convergence of Social Media and Traditional CRM – Next Generation Listening and Engagement

Social Media Monitoring systems now offer social CRM solutions. Social media, customer support, and sales teams can use these capabilities to associate and cross-reference social web content with customer and prospect information.

Enhanced capabilities and features to help companies and agencies answer the question: “How well is our brand performing across the web?
Some of the benefits of the integration:

  • Enable social media and community teams to see a customer’s entire service case history from a dashboard, providing context for outreach and engagement
  • Build new contacts, leads, or service cases and push them to the sales team for follow-up actions to streamline workflow
  • Link social properties like blogs or Twitter accounts to existing CRM contacts, or create new contacts or leads from social properties discovered through monitoring
  • Automatically capture social conversations mentioning your brand generated by your customers or prospects in social media
  • View your team’s engagement notes from a dashboard within each customer or prospect record


Post written by Paul Greenberg on How a Social CRM System would work and how it would relate to channels like Twitter:

β€œTwitter’s benefit and its relationship to CRM is that it is a location, a community of people who are engaging with their peers in honest open discussions about things that benefit or hurt specific businesses, among many other things. Because there are operational CRM tools and will be new tools that can potentially tie business rules and workflow, processes and systems to communities of prospects and customers who are conversing, then a channel or location like Twitter becomes eminently valuable. The first reason? Because a problem can be monitored, noticed and acted upon. The second reason? Because gathering data on the actual discussions around brands – both yours and competitors is invaluable.”

  1. March 5th, 2012

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