The new Buying Process is Consumer-driven

Insights Library | Yahoo! Advertising Funnel

Yahoo!’s most recent research states that consumers no longer follow the traditional “purchase funnel.” Instead, they chart personalized purchase trajectories that work for them. This study takes a deeper look at the emergence of this new, non-liner buying process that has evolved as consumers have become more engaged in consumer electronics.

  • Consumers see technology products in a new way
  • The new buying process is consumer-drivenand non-linear
  • From a seemingly erratic process, a pattern emerges that indicates unique patterns and a compressed shopping cycle

Nearly one-half (47%) of all consumer buyerscan be categorized as “tech enthusiasts.” Among these, online remains the most influential source impacting what to buy and where to buy.

“Tech socialites” and “Sophisticated want-it-alls”are the most likely to be brand advocates and to try new products. Using the right messagingand tone is imperative to reaching them.

Marketers need more individualized touchpoints that provide the information and connection consumers are seeking.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Tech Enthusiasts’ Study.


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