Online Marketing Trends 2009

Absolit’s study on "Online Marketing Trends 2009" identified five duties

75 percent of the 474 surveyed companies rely on five instruments, while weblogs are losing their shine. In addition to usability, SEO, e-mail, and Web-Controlling, SEM is now also a must in online marketing. Furthermore, mobile marketing is up and coming, while more companies are engaging the strongest on social Web portals.

[GERMAN: Pflicht=Must Do; Kuer=Can Do]

A comparison of the values reveals major shifts in certain trends, for e.g., the fact that blogs have been overrated in the past. In 2007 almost sixty percent of the businesses intended to increase their blogging activities, while in 2009 only 48 percent claim to do so. "Corporate blogs are a flop", comments consultant Torsten Schwarz on the results. Only a few companies really manage to operate interesting blogs. The Social Web is also on the rise. Eleven percent more companies than in 2007 plan to look increasingly for opportunities to show presence in the communities.

[GERMAN: Changes from 2007]

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Online Marketing Trends 2009’ Study (in german).


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