Rich Media Impacts Awareness, Conversions, Engagement

Microsoft Advertising – 3 new Studies

Three recent studies showed that Rich Media generate returns for the overall campaign that are far more significant than just measuring click-throughs. Boost Time Spent and Engaged with the AdAn eye-tracking study. The page featured a highly animated Rich Media campaign, tracking how long viewers lingered on various areas revealed how the Rich Media ad engaged their attention up to 10 times longer than static banners.

The tests highlighted viewers’ preference for strong visuals and fast-acting animation, showing that they moved on if the animation hadn’t started within 3-4 seconds. When they did focus on the Rich Media, viewers proved exceptionally responsive. They not only spent more time on the advertising area, they also noticed key elements including the brand, product and click button.
Additional findings showed 100% noticed the ads, 70% of respondents recalled it and 65% took the desired action to click on it.

In another study, Microsoft compared Rich Media banners to standard banners. Recall for an expandable banner measured a mammoth 210% higher than that for a standard banner.
The same study revealed that interactivity in Rich Media could lead to almost 85% awareness after just three exposures. Even minimal interaction – a single mouseover – was shown to heighten awareness to 70%.

A third study, found that consistent investment in Rich Media advertising was highly effective in driving conversions, or turning views into purchases.
Expandable banners showed a 1.60% conversion rate compared to a standard non-rich media banner’s 0.70%.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘3 Rich Media’ Studies.


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