Interactive Advertising to reach 21% globally by 2012

The Kelsey Group

The global advertising market grew to just over $600 bln in 2007, according to The Kelsey Group. The firm expects global ad revenues to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.7% and reach $707 bln in 2012.

Interactive advertising revenues will increase significantly from $45 bln in 2007 to $147 bln globally in 2012, representing a 23.4% CAGR. Interactive advertising, which comprises search (including local search), display advertising, classifieds and other interactive ad products, grew its share of global advertising revenues from 6.1% in 2006 to 7.4% in 2007. By 2012 Kelsey Group analysts expect the interactive share of global ad spending will reach 21%.


During the forecast period (2007-2012), the United States will see interactive advertising revenues grow from $22.5 bln to $62.4 bln (22.6% CAGR), with interactive revenues in Canada increasing from $1.3 bln to $3.3 bln (21.3% CAGR).


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