More trust in Shopping Websites than Advertising

 University of Southern California

As Americans buy products, seek information, plan their social lives, and make personal and business decisions, the lines between media channels in the 21st century have become increasingly blurred, according to the third annual U.S. Media Myths & Realities survey.

This melding of media means the content deliverables that were once owned by a specific medium are now found on nearly all platforms – a shift that has helped create an increasingly participatory and fragmented media landscape.

The survey, conducted in late 2008 and released by Ketchum and the University of Southern California Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center, revealed, for instance, a steep rise in the use of shopping Web sites among consumers, doubling from 2006 to 2008 (17 percent to 35 percent). More revealing still, about half of those (44 percent) who visit shopping Web sites read consumer reviews and comments found on the site, demonstrating that these sites have transformed into virtual social gathering places and information destinations, rather than merely being a place to purchase goods. Consumers are placing more trust in the experiences of their online peers than they are on the retailer’s product descriptions, which is one example of the broadening definition of a social networking site.

This burgeoning participatory media landscape means media audiences are having just as much influence, if not more, than the content providers themselves.

6. Personal Experience + Knowledge + Technology = Influence
7. PR Must Evolve…FAST!
8. Communicators Must Move Away from a Mass Media-Centric View!
9. Emerging Markets May Be Setting the Pace
          • Tech Savvy, Mobile Lives, Socially Enabled
10.Emerging Markets Poised to Be Centers of Innovation

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘APAC Rich Media’ Survey.


    • Richard
    • February 11th, 2009

    interesting… hmmm, what does ‘GP’ and ‘IN’ mean?

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