The Institute For The Future


Abundant Computing: The Next Ten Years

The Institute for the Future’s Abundant Computing Map is an introduction to the technologies and applications that will shape a world of digital abundance. Because the landscape will be shaped not just by new technological innovations but also by innovative uses of existing technologies, a comprehensive list of every future application would be simply impossible to create. What we present instead is a guide that will serve as an outline of key directions of the evolution. Since so much of the future of abundant computing will be immersive and use all of our senses, we’ve created this video guide to the map using clips from our Spring Exchange at UCSD’s Calit2 and other future-forward tools and technologies.


pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Abundant Computing’ Report.


A Model World: Simulation and the Future of Virtuality

A new language is emerging that will transform how we conduct business, make life decisions, and interact with our world over the next decade: it is the language of simulation. In the next decade, the best simulations won’t be judged by how realistic they are but how real they are. They will become real in the way that the Internet has become real over the last decade—not only as a platform for learning or academic science, but also as a platform for providing human social interaction and commerce; as a platform for designing the world in real time; and as a platform for inventing and reinventing our individual lives.  Some simulations will even play out at the intersection of the virtual and real worlds, enabling us to bring a sense of physicality to our digital data.


pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘A Model World’ Report.


Industry Compass 2.0: A Visual Guide to an Uncertain Tomorrow

Industry Compass 2.0 is a visual guide designed to help you think about, plan for and navigate the future in an engaging and constructive way. It supports strategic analysis and planning around the puzzling grid of potential trends and issues confronting life sciences companies, health care providers, health plans and other stakeholders in the coming decade. The major elements of the Compass map—Drivers, Impact Zones, Trends, Signals, Hurdles, Landmarks and Artifacts—provide a framework for discussing how the elements might interact and how your organization might navigate the future.


pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Industry Compass 2.0′ Report.


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