People don’t trust company blogs

Not only do blogs rank below newspapers and portals, they rank below wikis, direct mail, company email, and message board posts. Only 16% of online consumers who read corporate blogs say they trust them.
Only 20% of respondents trust corporate or product advertising. – Edelman 2008 Trust Barometer 
"Email from people that you know" rated highest in trustworthiness, at 77%. So should companies simply give up on blogging? No, says Forrester. The lack of credibility stems from corporate blogs’ focus on self-promotion, pushing products and services at the expense of two-way communication with customers.


Instead, companies should shift the focus back to consumers. That means using a blog to address customers’ problems, foster an online community, involve employees outside of corporate communications, and provide an authentic voice to discuss internal company tidbits and to respond to critics. The fake Internet report that Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a heart attack, causing the company’s stock to drop as much as 5.4% on Oct. 3, may be the type of event a company blog or Twitter account would help to address quickly.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of ‘Corporate Blogging’ Report.
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