Welcome to the Distributed, Networked Future

FEED: The Razorfish [US] Consumer Experience Report 2008


  • 91% of these consumers use one of the five major Internet portals—Google, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and Ask.com—to start their online experiences.
  • 28% use Twitter, a relatively new communication tool, with some frequency [$500m takeover bid by Facebook rejected]
  • 41% use tag clouds with some regularity
  • 52% use RSS feeds with some regularity
  • 52% have shared bookmarks with others through services like del.icio.us
  • 55% use widgets on the computer desktop with some frequency
  • 62% use widgets on Web sites such as Facebook or iGoogle
  • 81% read “Most Popular” or “Most Emailed” links with some frequency

The centralized analog model is disintegrating in our new online, networked world.The real value for advertisers is the role of social influence in persuading consumers to purchase. Nearly half of all respondents (49%) indicate they have made a purchase based on a recommendation through a social media site.

Though Facebook and MySpace are still seeing record global traffic, their year-over-year U.S. growth rates have peaked and are on the decline.

Interaction Levels

  • Low-level: rating, poking, tagging, commenting, subscribing
  • Mid-level: writing statuses, twittering, playing games, adding widgets, uploading photos
  • High-level: making videos, writing blog posts and reviews
  • Expert-level: moderating groups and message boards, creating applications, running feeder businesses on the social network’s "economy”

Thinking beyond the message to create services requires a different strategic lens!

People aren’t reading our Web pages; most of our tediously crafted relics of desktop publishing and ubiquitous Web 2.0-ness sit
inactive, gathering digital dust like awkward, long-form textbooks in languages that no one really speaks anymore.
Design the new customer experience as a map of interactions.


pdf_icon Download the electronic version of Consumer Experience Report.


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