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Contagious_ConversationsContagiousness isn’t just buzz, it’s a way of building brands sustainably through great experiences that get people talking positively about the brand.
In our definition, the role of contagiousness is to ‘change the conversation’ and the brands that do this best are ‘conversation leaders’.


Eight Rules to Flourish in the Contagious Era:

  1. You’re part of the conversation, whether you’re managing it or not.
  2. Everything you do creates conversation, whether you think it’s marketing or not, and whether you know it or not. The single greatest driver of
    positive recommendation is ‘experience beyond expectation’.
  3. Changing the conversation to your advantage is what grows your business. Brands with the most recommendation in their category grow 4x faster than the category average (London School of Economics). Increasing recommendation by 12% doubles sales growth (Bain Consulting).
  4. Most of what is currently positioned as buzz or word of mouth is completely worthless.
  5. You have to be talking about something that really matters to people to really change the conversation.
  6. Great brands lead the conversation by having a point of view that transcends even the category.
  7. Broadcast marketing can change the conversation too, but to do so you need to apply a higher standard
  8. Symbolic actions have immense contagious power, if they crystallise a powerful vision.

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