Subliminal Buyology

Buyology – The Truth & Lies, about why we buy

buyologySubliminal messaging is considered one of the great evils of the marketing industry, but it’s a thing of the past now, isn’t it? We’re all too transparent, too touchy feely, too too 2.0 to even think about doing something that insidious. Right? Right? Wrong….According to the results revealed in Martin Lindstrom‘s new book, Buyology, subliminal messaging is alive and well.

Until now, most marketing, advertising and branding strategies have been built on qualitative and quantitative market research. The fact is, roughly 90% of our consumer buying behavior is unconscious, and we can’t actually explain our preferences, or likely buying decisions, with any accuracy. So market surveys and customer questionnaires are of dubious value. As brands pour millions of dollars into advertising that may or may not hit the mark, we realize that the time has come for a paradigm shift.
Advertisers need to know what directs our buying decisions. NeuroMarketing will help us make the transition towards understanding the truth and lies about why we buy. It circumvents the question and answer approach of conventional research. A non-verbal research method, NeuroMarketing bypasses a subject’s claims by going straight to the source and examining the consumer’s brain responses.

Buyology unveils the results of marketing guru Martin Lindstrom’s pioneering three-year, $7 million dollar study that used the latest in brain scan technology to peer into the minds of over 2,000 people from around the world.

you want to examine some of the ethical concerns about the technique, a good place to start is

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of Table of Contents free of charge. 


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