The Exploding Referral Spectrum

Nielsen//NetRatings – Presentation Library

Thanks to the Web, the referral/recommendation zone is growing dramatically:


Social Media Integration: Where the CGM/social media platform combines with an existing property in a meaningful way so as to
enhance the customer experience and drive increased value for the organization.

Lower barriers to providing feedback have opened up gates to CGM, and brands are both amplified and implicated in the ensuing digital trail:

  • In this environment, satisfaction and retention is no longer enough; nurturing and managing advocacy becomes mission critical
  • Advocacy is nurtured from “total brand experience,” including service — before, during, and after the purchase cycle
  • Business operations impact advocacy: consumer affairs, HR, employee training, product quality. Understanding ‘talk drivers’ is critical. Employee ownership (Heskett/Sasser) is more important than ever
  • Think beyond quantity to “quality” of conversation (bad quality is viral)
  • Opportunity space is huge for getting this right, from CGM measurements and Brand Advocacy Quotients (BAQ) to highly participatory Web 2.0 tools

pdf_iconDownload the electronic version of Webniar: BAQ free of charge.


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