Social Media Fatigue?

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It’s Official: U.S. Social Networking Sites See Slow Down

Since December 2006, when MySpace engagement peaked at about 234 minutes spent per visitor, time spent on the site has dropped consistently throughout the year (24% year-over-year drop).
It seems to be an industry-wide issue. The total audience of U.S. social networks seems to be stuck at a low-to-mid-single digit growth rate, while the engagement metrics are falling for just about everyone. Time spent on has been sliced in half over the last four months, while Friendster’s time spent has plummeted nearly 75% in the same time period. Overall, minutes spent per site fell 5% in December 2007 compared to the year-ago period.


Social Network Retention– How to Achieve Engagement Nirvana
Some guidelines you can follow if you want to achieve engagement nirvana:

  1. Serve Individuals — think ‘Email’
  2. Be Relevant– think ‘Personal Assistant’
  3. Exploit Vanity – think ‘Hot-or-Not’
  4. Build in a ‘Grab’– Think ‘Dashboard’


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