Online Ad Price Index


The PubMatic AdPrice Index is a broad-based measure of ad network pricing information. It is based on anonymous data from over 3,500 publishers who work with PubMatic for ad network and layout optimization services.


The June PubMatic AdPrice Index indicates that the sputtering economy is still having an affect on the overall monetization of online advertising, while certain verticals, especially social networks and gaming, had a significant upswing in ad pricing.

The biggest surprises this month came from the social network and gaming verticals. Social networks showed a very sizable 66 percent average eCPM increase going from 19 cents in April to 32 cents in May. While this is an increase from April, this is still not back to as high as the March average. Gaming also experienced a strong surge, with the vertical’s average eCPM increasing 51 percent. In April, the gaming average eCPM was 66 cents and in May, the average eCPM was $1.00.

  Key Findings 


pdf_icon Download the electronic version of AdPrice Index – June 08 free of charge.


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