Never ending friending –

never_ending_friendingSocial networking is a quantum change in how we interact – with each other, with bands and brands, and with the entire media landscape.

Users recognize social networks as the best venue for the dance of attraction, connection, and retention that’s better known as “relationships”.

Future Shapers, those leading-edge consumers whose behavior tends to be a signpost for what’s to come, are showing signs of embracing activities like watching TV within social networks; visiting outbound links; and learning more about social marketing messages.


Both B2C and C2C co-exist and generate benefit for the brand, but until now, we have lacked a framework to analyze the value creation, forecast it and manage it. The work with EA and adidas on MySpace has validated many of the hypotheses, including demonstrating that SN marketing can enhance the nature of the product and build consumer advocacy.


Re-think the media mix to leverage the benefits of SN and the Momentum Effect
Design ways to unlock or activate the Momentum Effect, using the following guidelines:

  • Understand that your brand is a persona
  • Give them a reason to talk about the campaign
  • Give consumers a chance to realize their dream

    pdf_icon Download the electronic version of SN Research Findings free of charge.


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