The Brave New World of Advertising

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Worldwide – Approximately 6,000 Advertisers account for >80% of all ad spending (~5,000 in US account for >90% of US ad spending)

  • Advertising Needs Massive Automation
  • Market is manual (phone calls and email drive everything)
  • Market is opaque (no pricing transparency)
  • Market is inefficient (loads of remnant inventory drives prices lower – see #2)

Along comes the ad exchange:

  • Add transparency to the mix
  • Increase liquidity by letting all advertisers bid / buy across all networks
  • Drive market efficiency
  • In a world where exchanges exist, every impression can be evaluated and a bid price can be set – in real time
  • When this is possible, the price can be adjusted up and down based on confidence of driving a campaign goal
  • Campaign goals in search today are generally based on performance (Driving a sale)
  • In the future, the system can optimize against other goals – such as driving awareness of a brand, or changing perceptions of the audience, or changing purchase intent

The Brave New World of Advertising

  • Nano Technology drives more devices, more flexible scenarios
  • Hyper-targeting with personalized advertising
  • Personalized Product Offerings
  • Projectors, OLED and Disposable Video
    • Low Resolution Video Projectors are becoming incredibly cheap
    • OLED is printable and flexible
    • Siemens Printable Video Displays – with printable batteries
  • Tracking and Measuring Advertising Offline like Online
    • RFID
    • GPS Phones
    • 2D Bar Codes (QR & other)
    • Bluetooth & other methods
    • Neural Scanning Technologies

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