Tapping the Minds of Consumers

International Herald Tribune

brainwavesThe effort to add to traditional advertising research techniques the tools of biometrics – measuring brain waves, galvanic skin response, eye movements, pulse rates and the like – is increasing.

Of the 19 Cannes and Effie honorees [measured by EmSense], 15 demonstrated "speed of engagement" that far outweighed the average commercial. "Typically, a spot engages with viewers in 5 to 7 seconds," she said. "The Cannes and Effie ads engaged, whether emotionally or cognitively, in 1.5 seconds."

"What we are really trying to measure and understand better is what consumers are engaged

The simple fact is the brain makes behaviour," Dr. Knight [working for NeuroFocus] continues. "If you can effectively measure the brain, which we think we can … We can give you information that’s not available by any other methodology. You just can’t get it in conventional marketing."

Also see ‘Scientists Unravel Attention Process’

Also see ‘Microsoft’s investigation into the subconscious’ 

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