Wikinomics Playbook

Wikinomics – How Mass Collaboration changes everything

playbook_graphicThanks to the Web 2.0, companies are beginning to conceive, design, develop, and distribute
products and services in profoundly new ways. The old notion that you have to attract, develop and
retain the best and brightest inside your corporate boundaries is becoming null. With costs of
collaboration falling precipitously, companies can
increasingly source ideas, innovations, and uniquely qualified minds from a vast global pool of talent.
The Wikinomics Playbook is another example of how mass collaboration is transforming the
economy and society. Wikinomics book was published with 11 chapters, but only the first ten chapters had been written. Chapter 11—the Wikinomics Playbook—was a blank slate with an open invitation for the world to help us write a fitting conclusion on Over the course of 2007 something remarkable happened. A community of readers and experts formed and took on a life of its own. Thanks to a great deal of diligent “wiki gardening” the community crafted a compelling
and insightful guide to embedding wikinomics concepts and principles in 21st century organizations and business enterprises.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of Wikinomics Playbook free of charge.


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