Marketing and Media Ecosystem 2010

Key Initial Deliverables From Industry-Wide Study by IAB

iab-logoMore than 80% of marketers surveyed indicate consumer insights and behavioral targeting are major priorities, underscoring digital’s ability to understand the customer.
The findings also illustrate how the 18% of firms characterized as interactive leaders show distinctly different traits from non-leader firms, particularly around their willingness to embrace change.
The associated white paper, titled HD Marketing 2010: Sharpening the Conversation was written by Booz Allen Hamilton to summarize the preliminary findings from the first phase of the MME 2010 research. It discusses the key challenges faced by all firms as they embrace interactive media, and suggests core tactical steps needed to address those challenges and successfully reach customers in the new world.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of Marketing & Media Ecosystem 2010 free of charge. 

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of HD Marketing in 2010: Sharpening the Conversation free of charge. 
Standards, Guidelines & Best Practices

In an effort to promote operational efficiency, accountability and effectiveness throughout the industry, the IAB provides a variety of resources to publishers, marketers, and agencies. These resources are formulated and developed by industry leaders in association with the IAB.
These resources deliver far reaching expert solutions that positively affect the interactive marketplace.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report free of charge. 


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