Web 3.0: What’s Next After What’s Next

Networking & Communications | bMighty.com

FTN_CommunicationCity_06tAmong the biggest Web 3.0 (and beyond) buzzes right now is the pursuit of the semantic Web.

What the semantic Web’s enthusiasts promise is the transformation of everything on the Web — documents, videos, e-mails, music, images, everything — into elements of a database.

This one database will stretch across, and through, the Web, and will be increasingly searchable in natural language – the language you, and more important, your customers, use.

The goal? Far more effective searches from far more natural queries, generating far more specific and appropriate results from within Web pages, documents, videos, exclusive of the applications in which they were created or housed, rather than the morass of Web sites and pages that searches return now.

Think of it as mashups on steroids. The difference is that the machines — your tools, programs, and software agents — do the mashing for you and your customers.





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