Digital Outlook

Avenue A | Razorfish Corporate Digital

Avenue A | RazorfishThe Report examines where that digital spend is going. It provides direction on how marketers can align their organization to respond to the new digital environment, as well as a framework for effectively managing emerging channels and social media. And it gives you some interesting new insights into consumer behavior.

PDF Download the electronic version of Digital Outlook free of charge.

 Download the electronic version of PodCast: Digital Outlook free of charge.

Download the electronic version of Charts: Digital Outlook free of charge.

The Digital Design Outlook report examines design and user/consumer experience trends in the ever-shifting digital landscape. AAR has sketched out our vision of the next wave of digital design and innovation in a compilation of essays addressing relevant topics like digital identity 2.0, the mobile millennium, social shopping and the Semantic web. Digital Design Outlook also unveils their first-ever Digital Consumer Behavior Study, which provides insights into the digital consumer’s motivations, frustrations, and desires. Additionally, you’ll get a glimpse into the impact of personalization and emerging media has had on the future of brands.

PDF Download the electronic version of Digital Design Outlook free of charge.

PDF Download the electronic version of Digital Consumer Study free of charge.


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