Thousands of Versions of Ads

It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad, Ad World – New York Times

It is only a matter of time until nearly all advertisements around the world are digital.

The plan is to build a global digital ad network that uses offshore labor to create thousands of versions of ads. Then, using data about consumers and computer algorithms, the network will decide which advertising message to show at which moment to every person who turns on a computer, cellphone or — eventually — a television.

More simply put, the goal is to transform advertising from mass messages and 30-second commercials that people chat about around the water cooler into personalized messages for each potential customer.

Greater production capacity is needed, Mr. Kenny says, to make enough clips to be able to move away from mass advertising to personalized ads. He estimates that in the United States, some companies are already running about 4,000 versions of an ad for a single brand.

Publicis is trying to carve out a niche as a middleman between those online giants and the consumer brand companies that buy advertising.

As the Internet emerged, Digitas developed a platform it calls Dashboards to break online ads into their components and figure out which pieces work for which audiences.

Which Ad is Aimed at You?


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