Battle Of The Advertising Superpowers

Online Advertising Made Simple

Google acquiring Doubleclick, Microsoft acquiring aQuantive, WPP acquiring 24/7 RealMedia and AOL acquiring AdTech AG to go along with what they already own in

Additionally, there are still some other large players who are also in the game such as News Corp./Myspace/Strategic Data Corp, and IAC/

Obviously this is a big land grab for these large companies, combined with trying to get innovative companies who are pushing things forward in online advertising. The Wall St. Journal talks about the ad exchange concept and how it relates to these acquisitions.
"Exchanges could eventually handle 50% of all display ad sales."
"The underlying assumption to that is you’re buying a commoditized product that anyone can sell you."


Who’s Got What?

After the acquisitions are all complete, we need to stack up all the areas that matter in the online advertising battle that’s taking shape. (A checkmark means they have an asset, the 1/2 means they do to some extent but not to the same level as the other companies).









Advertising Marketplaces: DoubleClick, Google, Yahoo, RightMediaMicrosoft, Atlas


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