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Going beyond traditional focus groups and consumer surveys, market research will embrace scientific approaches that literally tap consumers’ brains to learn how they neurologically respond to commercial messages and make brand choices. The Four A’s and ARF have begun researching this topic in earnest with an intensive study, "On the Road to a New Effectiveness Model." In 2008 we will start to see practical applications of these insights as advertisers and shops begin to truly understand engagement.

A Radical Report Hidden Between the Pages of a Whitepaper
Response to The Advertising Research Foundation report on Idea Engagement, “On the Road To a New Effectiveness Model”
by Verse – The Narrative Branding Company
A new report by The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) should cause all of us in branding, advertising and marketing to stop, question and re-evaluate the way we see our world. The report is titled, “On the Road to a New Effectiveness Model.” No, it isn’t a revision of the Kerouac novel. But it is no less radical.
The report summarizes fi ndings from a three-year taskforce looking at the underlying principles and theoretical constructs of advertising effectiveness. We actively participated in the taskforce during that time and agree with the conclusions and implications, particularly the statement, “The fi ndings of this project require us to completely rethink how advertising works.” And rethinking advertising isn’t even the half of it. The findings shake the very bedrock upon which advertising, branding and marketing as a whole are built.
The findings indicate that “brand positioning” is perhaps the most misguided marketing idea in the past 30 years.

pdf_icon Download the electronic version of this response free of charge.


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