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jeffrey_cole_1Jeff Cole, director of the Annenberg School’s Center for the Digital Future, describes five emerging trends to leverage.

The Center for the Digital Future, led by Jeff Cole, studies the impact of online technology on people’s lives, and society in general. Its Digital Future Report examines the behavior and views of a national sample of 2,000 internet users and non-users, as well as comparisons between new users — those with less than one year of experience — and very experienced users, defined as those with seven or more years of experience.

The World Internet Project is a long-term longitudinal look at the effects of computer and internet technology on all aspects of society, which is conducted in over 20 countries. At the announcement of the project in June 1999, Vice President Al Gore praised Cole as a “true visionary providing the public with information on how to understand the impact of media.”
In today’s presentation, Cole describes five new emerging trends that your organization will want to leverage.

 Download the electronic version of PodCast: Digital Future Trends free of charge.

This year’s report contains a large module looking at on-line communities and social networking in great detail. Readers can compare the social networking data and correlate it to seven years of attitudes and behaviors on-line. As usual, the report continues to track off-line media use, purchasing both off-line and through e-commerce, social and political activity and a wealth of other data.

PDF Download the electronic version of 2008 Digital Future Report Highlights free of charge.
button_audio Download the electronic version of 2007 Digital Future Report free of charge.


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