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Trends, Opportunities & Nokia’s Digital Success Story

5 questions with… –


How has the explosion of video and social platforms influenced your marketing investments and strategic priorities?

  • Know your customers
  • Exceptional ROMI especially from Video Ads
  • Deliver that successful storytelling format on Online Video Networks
  • Harness the ability to continue the engagement with consumers post-view

Video LumaScape 2012

How is your investment in video changing your relationship with media owners and agencies?

  • The creation and curation of content is critical
  • Deliver meaningful engagement, rather than just reach and frequency
  • Cost per Engagement and Completed Views are important


Where does programmatic fit in Nokia’s video marketing strategy?

  • One of Nokia’s Digital Media Pillars
  • now increasingly with video

IAB Spain - Programmatic Ecosystem


To what extent does the rise of digital and social media change the skill set of a Nokia marketer?

  • Data-driven, always on and engagement focused
  • Global digital transformation roadmap with training, workshops and self-help communities

God and Data

How is Nokia’s product development supporting the rise of mobile video and better connectivity?

  • Great smartphones and experiences for under £100
  • Quality of the cameras with optimized image stabilisation shooting video unrivalled HD quality
  • 4G to ensure bandwidth and with clever apps like DataSense

Nokia Portfolio

Santa brand book

Santa brand book

“If you were in any doubt about Santa’s brand values, this brand book will put you straight. I believe every child from the age of 3 upwards should be given this to read and learn off by heart.

QR001_Guidelines_one (2)

“Santa is a Concept, not an idea. It’s an Emotion, not a feeling. It’s both Yesterday and Today. And it’s Tomorrow as well.” This is a stupidly awesome idea by the Quiet Room.”
The Belief Vortex – Competitive Analysis:
QR001_Guidelines_fourteen (2)
Body Language Guide - USG Unique Selling Gestures:
Merry Xmas!

TV the Future?

“Microsoft’s new video game console, the Xbox One, made its long-awaited debut last month. The real story here isn’t about video games, though.”

“Instead of seeing your cable company’s clunky on-screen menu system, you get a new guide … that can can recommend shows and let you change the channel using your voice” – CNN

…while seamlessly switching to through your life of:

  • Internet (Facebook…anything really)
  • Television
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Gaming Console (the One)
  • Apps
  • The Cloud
  • HD Video Call


Your hands will do the essential tricks.

The Beautiful Web

Inside the New York Times’ Web Redesign | The Verge

“A multiplatform, responsive redesign for the web, especially with a new focus on ads, often signals that a media company is pulling back some of its energy from its native apps, but Adelman and Larson say that isn’t the case here; it’s more that the NYT is taking elements from its native apps and one-off, designed stories like the acclaimed “Snow Fall,” and making them part of the everyday web platform.”

snowfall nyt

Content and Design: Reeling In Your Audience

“When it comes to online audiences, design is the hook while content is the line that reels them in. Your audience will spend a split second deciding whether they trust you or not, and they’re not going to use that time to dig into your content. Your design needs to grab them — and fast.”

HTML5 and one size fits all

With a number of exciting HTML5-based projects already under its belt, Nokia is leading the way with the use of HTML5 at and also its online Maps.

One of the best bits about the new technology is the fact it enables a standardised experience across a range of different platforms: laptops and PCs, smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs – with an HTML5 site you’ll be able to browse the same content and get a near identical experience whatever you’re using.

“The design is all about simplicity, desirability and authenticity.” global html5 responsive

Responsive #Switch Campaign Hub in HTML5

nokia switch hub responsive html5

Web Platform Docs

The future for HTML5 also looks exciting, thanks to Web Platform Docs. As a founding steward, Nokia has been instrumental in the creation of Web Platform Docs, which is a community website that provides all the relevant tools for developers without the need to visit multiple sites.

Digital Transformation

Presented at University of Tallinn, Estonia (the home of Skype)

Consumers have changed and so has Marketing. The pace of change is accelerating, putting more pressure on organizations to embrace this new Digital Reality and transform the way they market.
Nokia has been at the forefront of this change by leveraging Digital Media and new ways of Marketing to engage Consumers in meaningful ways.

Transforming Nokia’s Marketing Organization successfully, requires a comprehensive program utilizing all relevant levers to drive this change. This presentation will give you insights around the latest (digital) marketing trends and the successful approach Nokia has taken to adopt to this new Digital Reality.

Future of Digital

Business Insider

Digital Optimization Insights

Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey

Across organizations worldwide, marketing momentum and budget is shifting to digital channels — particularly mobile and social media — making testing and optimization essential components of any successful online marketing initiative.

The Adobe 2012 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey results have just been released, offering insights into optimization strategies and tactics for enhancing customer experiences from over 1700 leading digital marketers. This go-to guide for online marketing reveals how:

  • Social media has taken a valued role as a bona fide marketing channel
  • Agility is crucial to taking advantage and understanding new customer insights
  • Testing throughout the conversion funnel helps marketers identify the direct links to conversion behavior

budget for optimization

future optimization strategies

Digital Marketing Transformation at Nokia

iStrategy Conference in London

1.4 GB of Insights

Free Research & Presentations on the A3 SkyDrive

High Tech Olympics

Technological Gamechangers @London 2012

“The [Olympic] efforts would leverage on technology to improve and inspire the event across three tiers:

  1. To improve the precision of measuring & reporting sporting results;
  2. To improve the way different sports are captured on film and broadcasted; and
  3. To improve the way the sport is accessed, consumed and shared globally.

Quantum Timers, Sensors & TwinCams

Electronic starting blocks were used to prevent the hazard of false-starts. This uber-cool solution integrated a highly complex system of timers, lasers and video recordings to ensure that while Bolt, Phelps and many others attempted to better their records by milliseconds, there were precise tools to measure their race against time [millionth of a second].

This year all [Taekwondo] athletes [...] wore socks and clothing fitted with electronic sensors made by Daedo. When contact is made, the sensors registered the blow.

For all water-based sports, the Games was the first to ever use NHK’s Twinscam, a dual lens camera based system, where one is positioned above the water to complement the underwater images captured by the other lens.

Ultra HD broadcasts

The UK has gigantic 400 inch cinema screens placed for viewers to enjoy the replays of events in Super Hi-Vision, that offers a picture quality 16 times sharper than HD.

Emergence of the “Second Screen Viewing” phenomenon

86% of the global audience using at least one mobile device to complement their television experience, there were a lot of check-ins on GetGlue, a social media application that facilitates conversations between people while they are watching a particular TV show; lots of interactive chatter on applications such as ConnecTV and Shazam and terabytes of data analyzing viewing patterns and preferences that brands could leverage on for their digital campaigns.

Impact of smartphone penetration

The IOC has launched two official mobile apps – one called the Join In App to help a visitor/viewer to plan, enjoy and share the Games experience; the other called the Results App that provides all the latest news, schedules and results.

The Social Olympics [ADDITION]

The summer games have been deemed the “Social Olympics,” with the world’s largest brands investing 15% of marketing budgets on digital. The Pappas Group has visualized the impact of the Summer Games on branded social media in this Infographic:

Advertisers who won Gold [ADDITION II]

“With the ‘clean venues’ rules prohibiting advertising from the Olympic sites, it was even more useful for sponsors to reach people through channels such as Twitter and Facebook. ‘These were the first Twitter Olympics’.”

MediaCom Sports tracked Brands on Twitter:


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